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By on July 9, 2017

In this day and age almost everyone has a car apart from using public transport all the time. It’s a general feeling to own a car so you could take your family for long camping trips, or long drives etc. This all can be done in one’s own car. But the question is can all the people afford to buy one. Even they bought it on loan, it would take them a very long time to pay it back due to the high interest rates and by then the value of the car would have depreciated further. That’s where the Car Leasing can really put your plans back on track and buy the car which you have long awaited.

What is leasing a car mean?

Car Leasing is done quite efficiently by many agencies and they help you in every aspect of the process so you could get to use the car that you wanted to drive.

Here you make a small down payment say about 20% of the actual car value followed by monthly instalments the value of which are put termed by the agency. This is done till the lease expires and you would have to return the car.

Business Car Leasing

Why is it better than buying a car?

  • It is better option when you don’t have ready cash for buying a car.
  • Some of the high end cars with lot of features are quite expensive so leasing such cars gives you an experience of using them without having to buy one.

How to lease a car?

  • You have to choose a type of car that you want use.
  • Then choosing the model, checking whether it’s a gas guzzler because you would need a vehicle which gives you a good mileage, low insurance premiums and safety features are the other aspects that have to be looked into or sought information from the dealer.
  • Getting a chance to test drive the vehicle will give you first hand information about the vehicle and it’s working.
  • Check out other lease deals and compare so that you can get the best deal in town.
  • Negotiating the price is of utmost importance and it has to be done at the first meeting itself.
  • Don’t let the salesperson get the better of you in closing the deal at a higher amount.

The bargaining of the total price of the car is important before you let the person know about the leasing. Beware of the salespersons making you choose a huge monthly payment option.

Last but not the least as you keep purchasing on leased cars you would be paying more than the actual value of the car after a certain period of time.