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Prefer American Automotive Service Solution for your car insurance

By on September 1, 2017

So you just brought a brand new car, your pride and joy. You take good care of it as if your life depended on it. You go through regular maintenance and check-ups to make sure your new baby is in tip-top shape. As of the moment, it hasn’t even crossed your mind yet as to what would happen when your warranty expires and you need to have repairs or replacements done.

That is why it’s a good idea to get yourself a vehicle service contract that can cover your expenses (depending on the plan that you choose to get) for repairs and replacements. This will prove to be a big help for you and your budget since there are times when you might have unexpected breakdowns and ultimately unexpected repair bills to pay. Try to find contract providers that have several plans that can cater to your needs like American Automotive Service Solutions Inc Reviews to help you with your car insurance.

What does the vehicle service contract cover?

Each vehicle service contract plan is different, it is usually tailor fitted to the needs of the customer. Interested buyers must read their vehicle service contract carefully and ask questions to fully understand what’s covered by it.

Usually, vehicle service contracts cover most automotive repairs. However, repairs due to accidents, wear and tear are not usually covered. Keep in mind that your coverage may end if you do not make the required payments or if you fail to do regular maintenance on your car that the contracts usually require.

If there’s a warranty, why should I need to get a vehicle service contract?

Well, because for starters, warranties expire after a limited time. Also investing in a vehicle service contract can offer you peace of mind knowing that most of your repair expenses are covered and several other benefits. Likewise, unexpected repair costs are reduced because of the coverage offered by the contract, making it more affordable to own and maintain a vehicle.

Your vehicle is a big investment and the longer it stays in great working condition, the more value you get from it. Vehicle service contracts are designed to protect your investment by keeping your vehicle in good, operational shape without you having to experience a ton of unexpected repair costs.

If I need repairs, where can I take my vehicle?

Good news! Most vehicle service contracts allow you to choose any service center that meets the criteria specified in the agreement, so if your regular service center meets the criteria, it would make your life so much easier. Many contracts require that the facility has an ASE Certified technician; hopefully your regular service center has one. Your contract provider will be able to confirm if a particular service center is acceptable under the terms of your contract. Most dealerships are usually included.

Learn to take care of your investment (your car) and it will also take care of you. Avoid getting unwanted and unexpected repair bills by getting a vehicle service contract to assist you if ever you encounter those unexpected payments.