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Bring More Style to Your Room. Combining Wallpapers and Wall Tiles Together.

By on July 19, 2017

Mixing and matching wall tiles are becoming a popular trend among many homeowners. People like to bring more color, depth, comfort, and a welcoming feel to their rooms. However, it might not be enough to simply use wall tiles to complete the overall look of a particular room, which is why some individuals prefer to use wall tiles and mix them together with wallpapers.

Combining the different styles of wallpapers and wall tiles together can transform a simple-looking room into a space that can make your guests go “wow” every time they are offered entry. Mixing wall tiles and wallpapers also the easy-to-clean, hard wearing, and hygienic natures of both room decors to solidify their decision of installing both wall tiles and wallpapers in a particular room.

  • Keep Everything Simple

If you don’t want to mix wall tiles and wallpapers together, then an alternate option is to combine wallpapers with floor tiles. In doing so, you can even try to match two busy-looking designs together to form a room filled with pop. However, just make sure not to go overboard as it is very easy to do so. You can also add a plain wood trim to ensure that the design of the wallpapers and the floor tiling does not meet awkwardly. Installing a wood trim can also provide a little balance to what could otherwise be a very busy looking room.

  • Get Creative With Your Design Choices

Aside from keeping the overall look of the room as simple as possible, you can also creatively combine wallpapers and wall tiles. Even though some designs look like they don’t match with each other, there is a way to go around this dilemma – going with different sizes.

For example, if you have a wallpaper design with a large motif, you can combine it with smaller tiles to beautify a plain-looking room.

  • Go for Tiles That Look Like Other Materials

One of the primary reasons why many homeowners don’t opt for marble or wood for their wall tiles is because of its price. However, tile manufacturers made it possible for their customers to get the design they want without the added costs. Marble and stone effect tiles exist, and many designs in this regard fit well with different styles of wallpapers. For those who are on a tight allowance, this is a viable option to get marble, porcelain, wood, and stone effects in rooms without breaking the bank too much.

Using the tile and wallpaper combination technique can work in just about any room of the house. However, it’s usually used in locations where there’s a need for easy-to-clean surfaces with hygienic properties. There are wall tiles Singapore manufacturers that can help you out in finding the perfect design choice for your home.