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By on December 2, 2017

What are exactly certified translations?

Certified translation is done in U.S. Basically in this, any documents is translated which is followed the company sign which assures that translated document is up to the mark and there is no duplicity in this. It shows the originality of the document. And also, this translated document or text is also referred as Certificate of Accuracy. But Certificate of Accuracy doesn’t mean that the translated document or text is perfect and it also doesn’t mean that it is certified by any legal company. This certificate does not prove its originality and doesn’t prove that this translated statement is official that is it belongs to any company. For a certified translation, it requires that all the translators who translated any statement , they should be authorized by minimum one or more than one translation companies.

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When do we require certified translation?

It is required specially while submitting any papers which are in foreign language to the court. Many official statements or documents like driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID proof etc also need to be certified officially. While submitting any certified documents we need to check what else it requires, sometimes it is also require attaching some extra documents for a particular work. Certified translations can be done by various ways. For any unofficial document, to make it official it needs to be certified translated by some legal association or certified association, just to make it legal and official. Translation is done in various languages , in which language we want to translate our document, it is translated in that language only. In short whenever we want to legally convert our document from one language to other we will use certified translations. Price is fixed for translations by each company according to the page or line.