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For your business sake read this article!

By on July 15, 2017

So what makes a good business?

Let’s say you have a kickass product like the new high and much-anticipated smartphone. You ordered a lot because you have this gut feeling that it will sell like hot cakes but it didn’t. Instead, you owe your supplier a ton of money, you refunded almost half of your customers and there are more complaints than happy customers! This is a nightmare for all businesses and if you don’t get back from this your business is sure going to go rock bottom.

You need to get back on track, not necessarily in an explosive way but rather you make every mistake you make, right.When you read this article you can definitely come back and get your sales up.

Honest – If you are honest your customers will appreciate that because it’s basically one of the formulas for building trust. Focus on the strength that your product is good for, focus on what they want from a product and drive on that. Give them the fine print on paper and explain to them what it is and what good it can do for them like more memory means more storage, higher RAM means able to play high graphic games with ease, a great display means a feast for the eyes and much more.


Online presence – this is non-negotiable, absolutely no excuse for not making one because it’s cheap (Facebook is even offering this for free!). You get to advertise your products and services have the ability to interact with your customers. If they are happy they will tag your page to their friends and families!

True to your promise – If you said you have a sale or you will issue a refund do it. If you give free speakers to every customer buying your new product give one because if you are not true to your promise means more dissatisfied customers.

Best in class customer service – Customer service is that ability by you and your people to have customers come back from their first experience because it was good. Even if you have a slight expensive product versus your competition if your customer service is world class customers will still prefer to go to you. Because buying is not just about getting an item, it’s also about the experience on buying an item.

Reliability – you’re after service, your installation assistance, you showing the customers how to navigate on the new features of the product. You need to be there if your customers need assistance or help.

Simplify – In business, you don’t need to complicate things, as much as you can simplify everything. Have a process that is easy to understand especially to your customers. The more complicated it is your staff gets confused as well, it affects your efficiency

There is no shortcut to success; you still need the know-how, skills and hard work to succeed. The important thing is to know how to execute your plans properly and know what you need to do in order to improve. A successful business wasn’t made overnight, it was a combination of failures, success and learning from failures.