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Getting to Know Your Options When Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles

By on July 19, 2017

 It’s easy to become too excited when choosing a design for kitchen floor tiles. Considering the appearance and usage might be part of your selection process, but that might not be enough. To pick the right tile, ensure that it brings style and function to your kitchen without hindering usability and quality. Pick the wrong tile, and it can lead to unspeakable frustrations that can last for years until you can recover what had been lost during the initial investment.

However, pick the right tile, and you can enjoy a fashionable and durable kitchen for years to come. If you think that selecting the right kitchen tile might be too much of a stressful encounter for you, then take a look at the following factors to put into consideration to narrow down your choices.

  • Consider the Color

While you’re in the process of choosing the best tiles for your kitchen, the color should go well for the entire room. The color you select for your kitchen floor tiles can transform the feel of the place where you prepare most of your food in an array of methods.

For example, if you opt for warm, earthy colors, it can deliver an inviting and comfortable effect to your kitchen. On the other hand, choosing cool or white-toned colors for your kitchen floor can make the area look clean and spacious.

  • Reflect on the Texture

Kitchen floor tiles will always leave a huge impact towards the visual presence of the room. It’s one of the first things any household member or guest can observe once they enter the kitchen. If you select kitchen floor tiles with a high-gloss coating, then the area might become dangerous as the floor tends to become slippery, especially if there are liquids spilled on the flooring.

As such, kitchen floors should have non-slip traits, especially if the room remains steamy throughout the day or if you like do a lot of cooking. Matte or textured tiles are a preferred choice in this regard.

  • Choosing the Right Tile Type

If this is your first time selecting floor tiles for your kitchen, then you might become too bewildered with the vast amount of choices available. The best choice for kitchen tiles are non-slip surfaces, has low porosity, and chemical resistant. Furthermore, the tiles should also be durable enough to last the test of time.

As mentioned in a previous section, many homeowners prefer to install matte or textured tiles as their kitchen floor. Another option is to install natural stone tiles as it has low porosity with excellent levels of ruggedness.