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Video Production – A Brief Overview

By on December 14, 2017

Remember the most important person found in every Indian wedding pandal??? Not the pandit, not the bride or the groom. He is the famous videographer who blocks the view of others. It was a big novelty in the eighties when all weddings, first birthday parties, and all family events were recorded. Even more interesting was that once the video is edited and the final copy in the form of a video cassette was given to the parents, they could call their near and dear and show them the video in VCR proudly. It was followed by a detailed description of who looked good in the video and what colours looked best etc. The process of recording a live event and editing it is called video production. Previously the medium on which it is stored was a videotape, now it is on SD Card. Previously it was recorded on a film strip, now it is done digitally in formats like mpg, mpeg, wmu, avi etc.

A look at the importance of Production of Videos

Videos have a significant presence in every walk of life. Capturing the important events of personal life for posterity like weddings, birthday parties, engagements, house warming ceremonies, anniversaries, marketing promotions/advertisement videos, product demonstrations, education videos, corporate videos, news, Online videos like Youtube videos and of course movie videos and these days short film videos are all the various types of videos. Brands budget several crores on these videos every year. Promo videos/advertisements form a significant part of every brand’s marketing strategy. With the advent of social media, you will see videos all around you.

Video recording and editing are the two important skills for Video production. Filmmakers, directors, camera operators are the people involved in video production. Depending on the event context, the size of the setup varies. A home event can be recorded with a smartphone or a camcorder by a single person, a wedding can be recorded by a videographer with a professional camera along with a sound person, multiple cameras set up for a television video, a production truck is needed for a movie. These skills can be learned as part of filmmaking. Film and Television Institute of India is a premier film making institute of India.

Video editing is a creative activity. The colours, the sound, the music, influences the movie. Successful video producers in movies, television and online video producers earn a lot of money.