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Tips to find the best tutor for your kids

By on July 1, 2017

Finding a tutor for your children is not an easy task. Apart from being a qualified person to teach, a tutor should also be caring and striving to understand the student’s level of getting any concept. Every family has a different requirement and hence you should be clear on what are the skills, experience, expertise and personality of the tutor from that you need.

Tips to choose a good tutor:

  • Know your requirements: Start by analyzing what is your child’s learning style. Based on that, you may be able to get an idea on what kind of help the child will need and the areas of concern will. Then you may be able to decide if your child needs help in homework or to learn and improve general skills or needs to concentrate on scoring in his subjects. Then you may have to think about the time that you want the tutor to be available and the money you are willing to spend.


  • Try options to find a tutor: As you need to find a tutor, try to contact your neighbors, child’s school coordinator to check if they know of any good teachers or if they can refer you to anybody. Even the stay at home teachers will be a good thing to start with. There are also professional organizations like that provide with qualified tutors. You can also check your local newspaper which will have advertisements of potential tutors.
  • Choosing a tutor: There are many things to check before finalizing on a tutor. To start with, check his educational qualifications. The tutor will need specific qualifications to teach specific subjects and if you need a tutor for older students, he should definitely have an expert degree along with some successful teaching experience with the children of same age group. You check on his tutoring methods and check if that would help your child’s way of learning. Good tutors will invest more time and make handouts or worksheets to improve the child.In case you get such a tutor, be ready to pay a little more for that.Ask questions about their ways of evaluating the child. Check if they use school tests or reports or do they prepare anything on their own. Another quality of a good tutor is they will ask for cooperation from the family too. The may need you to contact the school to get a copy of text book as used by the child or to know the syllabus etc.

You can check his tutoring timings; duration of the tuition class and place as well if that would match your thoughts too.

You can even indulge your child and check if the child is comfortable with the tutor.