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What are the advantages of personal tutors over regular teachers

By on July 1, 2017

Personal tutors and regular teacher have many differences between them which help you decide if your kid is sufficiently taught by regular teachers at school or if he needs personal tutors outside school so that he learns better. However, many teachers who teach in schools and colleges also take up personal tutoring after the school hours to earn a little extra.

Going to school and attending regular classes are essential. However, personal tutors help in filling the gaps that pops up due to various reasons which are the disadvantages of regular classes. The necessity of a personal tutor is not mandatory for all students because they eat up a lot of time. The advantages of personal tutors over regular teachers can be explained as below

Time limit

School teachers have a target to finish an amount of the portions for the exam within a particular time which keeps them under pressure. Because of this, they cannot afford to lose any extra time on explaining concepts in creative ways that will be educative but also entertaining to the students. If the students enjoy learning a lesson it’s more likely that they remember it better when compared to regular boring oral lectures.


The teachers have to follow a particular curriculum and they don’t explain things related to the practical applications of the concepts. This will just be like spoon feeding and mugging up sessions in which the student is not acquiring any knowledge. Sometimes, the teachers will try to teach in a different way but they have to limit themselves within the regulations of the management.

A personal tutor has no such restrictions and can bring in various methods of teaching since they have ample time.

Pace of teaching

If majority of the students understood a lesson which the teacher is teaching, he will move on with the rest of the curriculum without making an effort toattend to individual students. On the other hand, a personal tutor makes sure that every concept is crystal clear to the student before he moves on to another topic.

There are students who are weak in grasping concepts easily when compared to others, or who are shy and uncomfortable in asking their doubts to the teacher while in class or outside. These students suffer silently since they lag behind the rest of the class being clueless of what’s happening. A personal tutor can make sure the student understood the concept well which will also help him to keep track of his classes at school.

Method of teaching

A regular school teacher will adopt a method that is acceptable to most of the students or is approved by the management and the Principal. However, every student is different and a few students may be left out while considering a particular teaching method and these students suffer badly. Personal tutors can adopt different methods of teaching for different students.