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What is the Saps Ibubapa?

By on November 18, 2017

 Do you think everyone has heard about the SAPS system right? In the past, parents had to come to school on the ‘report card’ to find out the results of their child’s exams. But now you do not have to. Everything at the fingertips. Parents who are busy with work and can not attend a parent’s meeting with a class teacher can know the results of their child’s exams online. Why is this SAPS Ibubapa system very important today?

Why is SAPS Ibubapa System Important?

The Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) has long been providing a special system to enable the examination of school student data throughout Malaysia to be well-kept. Even this system makes it easier for parents and students to check the results of online exams and the work of teachers becomes easier when they only need to upload students’ scores online.

The examination of online exam results through SAPS Parents only involves primary school students (grades 1-6) and secondary school students (grades 1-5) and this system allows us to review the examination results including assessment tests, mid-year and end-of-year exams, trials public examinations, except public examinations such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM.

Why is SAPS Ibubapa System Important?

For teachers, the SAPS system is very important to them. All student scores will be included in the system online and will be analyzed by subject, class and others. In this way, teachers are easy to get the percentage of students passing and failing, students who get the highest scores and so on. Schools and teachers do not need to use manual ways to make student assessments.

All this data will be used by teachers to evaluate and design learning in schools based on students’ achievement. Through this centralized system, several parties like KPM, NRD and PPD are able to work together more efficiently and time saving is the main agenda of the SAPS system.

Now all the things at the fingertips. Your own child’s own exam results can also be accessed online even though it is always busy with work. Very easy and fast! After that, there is no case for the child to ‘hide’ the exam results from the parents hahaha.

Parents of today need to be agile in observing the development of children because the influence of the present day is very different from the old days. Through SAPS, the parents themselves can identify the weaknesses of their children that need to be improved and repaired as the development of children while in school-learning sessions is never able to be monitored by parents at all times?