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How To Enjoy Live Concerts And Live Music

By on September 15, 2017

For those who have never gone for concerts and experienced live music, going to one may unsettling in the beginning because of the huge crowd, noise, trampling and trying to grapple with the fact that you would surrounded by this chaos for some time. But people who have been to concerts are well aware and know the euphoria surrounding concerts. The mayhem is part and parcel of any concert and you would have to go along with it.

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How to have fun

  • When you go for concerts make sure you are not drunk or carry drinks along with you, no intake of drug and do not smoke either, when you are standing so close to each other you may light up someone.
  • If you have ailments such as migraine, can’t stand for long hours, heart problems, then you should avoid concerts altogether. As these concerts are adrenaline pumping and the crowds can really get crazy at times.
  • Don’t disturb your fellow revellers with unruly behaviour, avoid the hecklers and find a nice spot for yourself.
  • Don’t waste your time talking to someone near you or on the phone or you will miss what you have paid to watch.
  • When you go to watch a concert or live music performance it is better to let go of other thoughts and enjoy the music, this will also help you feel it.
  • If you are in punk or heavy metal shows and don’t want get hit by flailing people around, then choose another spot, it can get rough at times because the crowd sometimes gets too much into the groove.
  • You don’t have to be a pro at dancing when foot taping music comes on you could sway along like nobody’s watching. Nobody is going to judge you here, just go with the flow and have fun to the hilt.
  • The dancing and revelry are infectious and you wouldn’t know the time passed and how your feet ached.
  • Don’t be judgemental about others, they have their own ways of having fun, so let them be.
  • Don’t record the show, as you would be missing out the live action. This way you are watching it on screen again and not enjoying your favourite concert.

In a live show it is better not expect perfection, in the recording rooms there is utter silence in the room and there is tweaking in the production so you may get a immaculate music. But in live shows, fun and the aspiration to see your favourite musician should be the key to the enjoyment.