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Is Internet radio recorded or Live?

By on August 22, 2017

Internet radio is an easy way to listen to your favorite music at any time without any restrictions to the location you are tuning from. Internet radio uses web broadcasting and hence it is the much preferred type of entertainment currently. However, tuning into an online radio station is not difficult and in fact as easy as tuning into a traditional radio. In this article, let’s get more clarity on how it works.

How does it work?

The first requirement is the creator who has some pre requisite materials required like a computer, equalizer, compressor, encoder software, microphones etc. to start his own online radio.  With that, one can start by making sound clips from CDs or can even go live. These clips are received by the server and the encoder system in the computer works on translating it into a streaming format and the resultant is a compressed audio file. This is sent to the internet, ready for the listener to listen.

Internet Radio

Recorded and live internet radio

The creator can choose to record or go live on his internet radio. While this option of left to the creator, the listener also has the option to tune into the channel at anytime from anywhere. Here’s how you can record internet radio if you are looking to listen to it later.

  1. Most of the radio stations have live listening available on their website. Hence, the first step is to ensure that the chosen radio station has an online broadcast.
  2. Having the content in podcast is important to disseminate the available broadcast into episodic format. . Usually podcast is not a live steaming and hence when it is released, you can download it using any download software.
  3. While there are many programs to download the recording, it is essential to ensure if it can split the recording into separate files, else you will land up with one large file. You can also use VLC which is an easy way to record any online streaming. So, choose software that meets this from the many software systems that even offer free trials.
  4. Depending on your software, you will either have the option to just use the “record” button or one which allows you to choose your programs for recording. So, just use the available option and record the audio streaming.
  5. Now save the file by using the save menu from the software. Prefer to choose mp3 format.
  6. Now, it’s ready to listen to at any time. Just play them using your media player.


While most of the radio stations have live listening available on their website, there is also a podcast that is available for download. When the radio goes live, an internet radio recorded is required. Recording the radio gives you access to listen to your favorite show at your convenience.