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Everything you need to learn about solar nails

By on June 29, 2017

Old acrylic nail colors are going to be a part of history soon. As technology and fashion climb up that road to sophistication, we benefit from the better and newer version of our favourite things around. Solar nails. Originally, solar nails are a brand of acrylic nails introduced years ago by the company Creative Nail Designs (CND).

Even though Solar nails is just a brand, salons and nail technicians now refer solar nails in different contexts.  This can actually make the clients feel that they are getting a different procedure or product done on their nails and can be cheated by charging more. This is why it is important for you to know that Solar nails are nothing but a brand of acrylic nails.

Solar nails are used by a lot of nail technicians and are popular among them. It is one among the most trusted product to build a nail enhancement. They work just like the acrylic way which is the powder and liquid way. A powder and liquid are mixed together and applied on the nails during this procedure. As the coating hardens, it gives the perfect look you want.

Solar nails are also known as “pink and whites” and are commonly believed to be plastic nail tips that are stuck on to your nails and then the liquid and powder mix is applied on top of it to seal the coat. Solar nails usually look very natural giving it a bit of the French manicure look.

how to remove solar nails

How are solar nails done?

The nails have to be cleaned thoroughly before you start the procedure. The nails are buffed and filed before applying a few coats of primer as the basic bottom layer. The technician will dip the nail brush in the acrylic liquid first and then dip the brush into the white powder. The brush is swirled and moved around in the powder so that a perfect gel is formed.

This gel is then applied on to your nails which can be actually divided into three parts- the nail bed, seam and free edge. The nail bed is where your nail meets your finger and joins the flesh, the free edge is the tip of the nail that protrudes outside the tip of your finger and the seam is where the nail bed and the free edge meets.

This procedure does not use tips and this is why solar nails have a longer and healthier life when compared to other nail procedures. To know more about updates on nail trends visit which is a website that will keep you informed about everything new, exciting, and useful in the world of beautiful nails.