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Solar Nails: 5 facts to know when getting it for first time

By on June 29, 2017

Before going for solar nails, knowing all the facts about it is very necessary. It helps us prepare one about precautions and also choosing an appropriate salon for the needs.They are high quality acrylic nails part of French Manicure, which comes in pink and white colour.The white part of it is on the tip of the nail and pink part will be on the nail bed. It is applied in 2 parts powder and liquid which is a product by Creative Nail Design. They do not fade out in sun but needs refilling every three months, whenever the nail grows. Once a person know right methods how to remove solar nails, it can done easily at home too.  There are 5 more facts to be known for the first timers.

  1. Price

Some say that acrylic nails or solar nails are not expensive, but definitely the price goes from $20 to $35 depending on the region. Thorough research is necessary to choose a salon giving these services at their best.

  1. Length

Length of the solar nail is determined by the customer of the salon. The manicurist checks with the customer and clips the nail according to their choice. It is good to make up our mind about the length as it will be difficult later to reduce the size where it accompanies a lot of grinding and filing.

how to remove solar nails

  1. Thickness and weight

Solar nails, when compared to natural nails are thicker (almost 10 times) and heavier. It will take good amount of time for the first time users to get use of them may be a week or more than that.

  1. Cleaning up after having the nails

Once the nails are placed successfully by the manicurist, the customer hand needs to be cleaned up for the left overs around the nail or the fingers. Though these are washed with a special soap and a brush, they may not get vanished. It needs some time and extra washing with pumice stone.

  1. Life cycle of the Solar nail

The complete life cycle of the solar nails will be in stages: application of nail in salon, maintenance and care, growing out & final stage is the end of solar nails.

  • In 3-4 weeks solar nails start fading away. Check for suitable method for how to remove solar nails, either at home or salon and remove the nails completely. This will be the end of the solar nails and new cycle starts. Once they are removed, moisturizing nails and fingers is very important else cracking or flaking of natural nails occur.
  • The maintenance and care is required for the artificial as well as natural nail. There is a chance of accumulating dirt and germs causing infections. So keeping nails and hands clean is very important to have these nails safe and attractive.