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From the sea to your plate – the Wild Alaskan Halibut:

By on July 12, 2017

If there is at all any food that can be both tasty and completely nutritious then it must be fish. Fishes have been caught for their meat as well as for pleasure from days of old. They are very tasty and they can also provide you all the required nutrition that you might want in your body. They are actually rich in the essential fatty acids which cannot be synthesized by your body, thereby helping you meet all your nutrient requirements. This cannot be done by other meat items that you consume. And they served to be the only source of food to the people of old and that’s why our ancestors lived long and were hale and healthy even in the last days on earth. Today, let’s learn about how the Wild Alaskan halibut was of use to them.

Description of a halibut:

So if you don’t have any idea as to what a halibut is, then it’s time to know something about it. The halibut is the largest flat fish in the entire world and there are so many types of flat fishes in most parts of the world, but they are wrongly called as halibuts just because of their flat shape. The actual halibuts are found in the northern most parts of the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean that might actually include the region around Alaska and Canada. These fishes are not very friendly and are aggressive and dangerous. But once they come into the frying pan, then they become very good friends as they are very tasty and they will dispose all their nutrition content into your body.

Benefits of halibuts:

As you know that all the fishes are extremely nutritious with high protein content and the oils from their livers are rich in the essential fatty acids needed by your body, so are the Wild Alaskan halibuts. But apart from nutritional benefits, they also are tamed for recreational purposes and when they are cooked, they can become the best part of your meal. The halibuts can be both boiled or fried and eaten, but it can’t be smoked due to its low fat content. Here’s a list of some of the foods that can be prepared from the halibut:

  • Wild Alaskan halibuts kinless and boneless
  • Sockeye and halibut duo
  • Wild Alaskan halibut and cod duo
  • Petite sockeye and halibut duo

There are many more combos of this fish and you can also season it as you like and enjoy.