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Halibut Fish Origins and Popular Recipes.

By on July 12, 2017

Halibut fish is the name given to the two species of flatfish which are right eye flounders, i.e. fishes with both eyes on the right side. They are mostly found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific seas. Halibuts are considered to be the largest flatfish species in the world. They spend most of their life at the bottom of the sea bed feeding other smaller fishes and marine organisms, sometimes even halibuts too. Halibuts are considered to be a food fish and are eaten in most parts of the world where they are found.

Some main characteristics of Halibuts are:

    • One of the larger species of fish, Halibuts can grow to around 8 feet or more in length. Average weight is around 600-700 lbs.
    • Being the largest flatfish in the world, Halibuts have been an important food source to Native Americans and ancient Canadians for thousands of years.
    • Halibut Fishes usually feed on any type of fishes or water organisms they come across and are usually at the top of the Marine Food chain.
    • Being hunted and eaten for thousands of years, Halibut numbers have dwindled in the recent years and was listed as an endangered species in 2008.

Halibuts are widely eaten in the western part of the world and have been a staple diet for ancient Americans and Scandinavians from a long time. Halibuts incorporate a firm texture and have a sweet taste to it. The meat is tender and flaky and is not at all swishy. Usually Halibuts are eaten fresh but can survive in a deep freezer for one or two days. Halibuts are good source of Vitamin-B and also are rich in potassium and phosphorous.

Cooking style and popular recipes

Halibuts can be cooked in a wide variety of techniques such as grilling, poaching and baking. Overcooking is not advised as it takes away the flakiness and dries out the meat. There are a wide variety of recipes concerning halibuts. Some of the most popular are:

  • Halibut cooked in Thai style with red curry sauce and the fish cooked until it is flaky.
  • Marinated along with white wine and parsley for an hour and then fried with butter and served with tomato topped toasts.
  • Brushed with paprika, the halibut is broiled and served with white cheese, carrots and onions in a dish which just takes around 25 minutes to prepare.

Word of Caution

Before you buy the fish, make sure it is fresh and is not dull in color. Also, don’t buy the fish if it has a dirty stench coming from it. Avoid halibuts with dull skin texture as this indicates age.