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GTA 6: Potential Release Date and Rumors

By on September 8, 2017

Even though Rockstar Games is still piling on the new content for their current hit game “Grand Theft Auto 5,” it doesn’t stop the rumor mill from churning its wheels. Reports circulating the World Wide Web are still thriving as the gaming community is hopeful for its reported release date in 2018.

However, even though its supposed release date is just about a year away (from the time of writing), details are still significantly scarce. It’s even safe to say that almost no one but the developers from Rockstar knows about what’s about to drop in the next major installment of GTA 6. Nonetheless, we’re here to look at the possible things that might take place in Rockstar’s next major sequel to the highly popular video game series.

A Female Lead Protagonist

There are multiple reports coming in from different sections of the Internet that Rockstar Games is finally considering a Grand Theft Auto 6 Female Protagonist. If you forget, there’s no female lead character in the entire GTA franchise. Yes, every GTA game currently in existence doesn’t have a woman for the lead protagonist. There’s s strong female supporting character in a previous GTA title, but then again she was a non-playable character (NPC). It would be refreshing to see if the developers do decide to place a woman to be in the lead as opposed to a man, but it wouldn’t be without controversy and some backlash.

Is It Even Possible to Have a Female Lead Protagonist in GTA?

Even though the developers of the highly popular GTA franchise hasn’t provided any clear information to the gaming community, we can somehow assume that chances are very slim if the next installment of the game would indeed have a female lead. Back in 2013, the game’s franchise co-writer Dan Houser did mention that they’re not closing the doors on the idea of having a female protagonist. Then again, the game’s portrayal of the female gender isn’t exactly what one can call “welcoming.” Furthermore, the game’s audience is mostly males and placing a female at the helm for the lead role in the next major installment can become disastrous if it the developers didn’t do it the right way.

What Could Happen if GTA 6 Will Indeed Have a Female Lead Protagonist?

If it were to happen that a female lead will grace the role of the lead protagonist in GTA 6, then it should have the right themes and the entire game should fit the role for the main character. Otherwise, Rockstar Games will be met with a ton of backlash from different communities and not just the gaming society.

As for the release date of GTA 6, it’s still not clear as to when will the game hit physical and digital store shelves. However, it’s speculated that it will release sometime in 2018, considering that by then GTA 5 will already be 5-years old.