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How to Level Up Your DotA 2 Account

By on September 1, 2017

DotA, short for Defense of the Ancients, is a popular online game featuring a multiplayer online battle arena genre. The game’s widespread acceptance is evidenced by its extensive promotional merchandise. In addition, the lively tournaments held throughout the world among professional players.

Accessibility is the key attraction to play. It’s free. Moreover, it’s easy to learn how to play the game in just a short time. Yet not everyone can be the top player. It requires a lot of hard work. In addition, developing the skills to play DotA 2 doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re not skilled at strategy games, then you risk being ridiculed by the community.

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Know What You’re Up Against

Many DotA 2 players agree the learning curve for the game is steep. Nonetheless, it’s doable provided you know how to keep track of the enemy movement and the map. Likewise, check the enemy’s inventory. At the same time, understand the cooldowns of both your allies and enemies. In this way, you can use it your full advantage.

Bear in mind, DotA 2 is a team game. Your rapport with your co-players matters. Learn to work together to advance faster.

How to Level Up Your Account

You need to play a lot of games to level up in DotA 2. This builds your experience in the game and you have several ways to do this. Interestingly, most of them involve being near something when it dies. This includes a lane creep, a jungle creep, an ancient creep, or an enemy hero.

It will take some time. Even so, you’ll eventually be able to level up provided take the time to practice. Studying other players in the process also gives you ideas on how to grow. Pay close attention to their combos and skills.

What if You’re in Hurry to Level Up

Sometimes the answer to leveling up isn’t as simple as practicing a lot. Some players can play for forever yet still be unable to increase their experience. Hence, the frustration. If you’re looking for a faster way to level up then the alternative is to pay for it.

A DotA 2 boost can help give you the boosters you desire for a solo or team MMR. The service uses the expertise of professionals who have played in E-sports. Moreover, they guarantee confidentiality. Hence, your friends won’t know about it just you.

Enjoy and level up your DotA 2 account without frustration.