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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

By on September 8, 2017

 Most games will die out after a few years of being on the radar of the gaming community, but not Grand Theft Auto 5. Released in 2013, this game is still wildly popular as many players continue to play through its online content like there’s no tomorrow.

It started with a PS3 and Xbox 360 rendition, but now that the PS4 and Xbox One came into the scene, developer Rockstar Games didn’t waste any opportunity it bringing the massively popular title to the new consoles. In fact, PC gamers can even join in on the chaotic fun that is GTA 5 Online. If you’re a new player to the game, then it might be a lot to take in as the game’s open world is quite large. To get you started in your new GTA 5 Online adventure, here are some tips and tricks you ought to consider.

Get a Shiny Car

Every player who’s known at least one GTA game will know that the video game revolves around vehicles. After all, it wouldn’t be called “Grand Theft Auto” for nothing. Albeit it might not sound like an all-important tip, it’s still worth mentioning that you should get a car in GTA Online. However, do note that the first car you steal in GTA Online will become your ride until you can buy a new one. So choose wisely before getting into any vehicle, or else you’ll regret it in the future.

Check Your Map as Often as You Can

The minimap found on the lower corner of the screen can be your best friend in GTA Online. In fact, some players don’t even bother with it as they just play the game however they want. While the game’s massively open world allows you to be free from the constraints of a linear play style, you still need to check your map as often as possible. The map can tell you when players are nearby or when new quests are available for you to take.

Collect Bounties

Do you want to make easy cash in GTA Online? Do you want to shoot people down in the game? Then collecting bounties might be your chosen path to become the game’s King of the Hill. Whenever you do any illegal activity in the game (not including cheating, of course), then chances are you’re going to increase the reward on your bounty. This characteristic is also true for every player in the game. So shoot those criminals down and collect the loot so you can buy that mansion.

Even though PlayStation, PC, and Xbox games are popping up left-and-right, there’s a certain beautiful appeal that GTA Online brings to the table. Even if you start playing the game today, you’re still bound to meet a ton of other players shooting and blowing up things to their desire.