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Video gaming community in Korea for online games

By on November 11, 2017

More than half of the population of South Korea plays online games regularly. Korea has become one of the leading gaming communities in the world. Almost all the houses here have a PC to play online games; the country has its own leagues and tournaments in which a number of people participate. Korea is known for professional gaming and has top players playing and earning big prizes in the competitions. The pro gaming tournaments held here are broadcasted live on television; these games are known to be the national past time of the people of Korea.

The video games in Korea are rated by the gaming rating board, which is a governmental organization. The video gaming addiction has increased manifold over the years here in Korea because of which a lot of children are known to be bunking and missing school and classes for them. Gaming addiction among the teenagers has become one of the biggest problems of the Korean society.

Steps taken by the government to fight addiction

  • The Korea government has spent millions on clinics, campaigns and programs to lessen the problem.
  • There are publically funded treatment centers for game addicts.
  • The hospitals and clinics have programs that specialize in treating addiction.
  • There are a few companies in that are known for financing the private counseling centers.
  • The shutdown law has been introduced by the government, which prevents anyone under the age of 16 from playing games from midnight to 6 am in the morning.
  • There are rehab centers set up by the government to help people fight addiction.

Some of these steps like the shutdown law are known to be controversial by the public but it is because of laws like this that the government can help people fight addiction especially the teens who neglect their studies for this.