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Buddhism Symbols Reflect Human Values and Feelings

By on October 16, 2017

Statues of Buddha were not used in the early centuries of Buddhism. But, there is Symbolism in Buddhism that consists of various images which Buddha symbolizes. It is also emphasized his teachings, such as the lotus, the Bodhi Tree, the Lotus and the Buddha’s footprints. There is one called The Wheel of Life that symbolizes the perspective of the Buddhist on life. Within it contains lots of various symbols of Buddhist teachings and themes.

The Outer Ring Symbol and Description

The outer ring has 12 links to represent its dependent origination. First, the blind man with a cane to the right side of the top. It represents ignorance of the world’s real nature. Second, it is a potter molding a pot. It describes our own best destiny. Shaping our own destiny with our own action through how karma works in our lives. Third is the climbing monkey on a tree.

Symbols That Represents Human Value 

The fourth one is the consciousness that gives rise to form and name. It symbolizes of the people traveling with a boat on the river of life. The fifth one is an empty house with its windows and doors. It represents the development of the sense organs of the human body. The sixth symbol is the six senses that allow people to get connected with the world. It is the symbol of lovers embracing each other.

Symbols That Represents Human Feelings

The 7th symbol is an arrow piercing the eye, which represented on the wheel as the feelings of a person. It was symbolized by a couple falling in love with each other or a man who is drinking an alcohol is the 8th symbol. The 9th symbol is a monkey picking fruit. It gives meaning that desire or attachment can lead you to grasping for an object or your desire. The 10th symbol is the man and woman who are making love. The 11th symbol is a woman who is giving birth to her child. And lastly, an old man who is carrying a heavy burden.