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By on July 7, 2017

A way to a luxurious potty is also a way to a happy heart! If the way to throw out your waste can be a way to flush out your toxic mood then potty is a great option. And the joy doubles up if you can rent it for a day, all for yourself. An 18’ luxury restroom trailer is one of the most beautifully designed portable restroom on the market. It is an ideal wedding partner all in all. The exterior of the restroom is marked with wide non-slippy floating staircases with aluminum railings. There are also two separate doors that mark the way to the men and women’s restrooms respectively. Each washroom is an absolute vision! Once inside, the guests will be amazed by the Victorian style imagery and the plenty of luxuries that once availed will seem all gone in just a blink of an eye and will leave an everlasting impression! The fauxwood flooring lasts through helmed by faux granite walls which continue from the wainscoting and makes it way up to the ceiling. The vanity area is composed of gray and burgundy hued countertops accentuated by Victorian style porcelain sink basins and also a mahogany trimmed mirror with voltage recessed lighting giving the choices comfort and warmth for the eyes. Added to this, there are amenities of elegant flower arrangement, filled perfumed soap dispensers, hand towels, tissues and even a filled candy dish at the side! The luxury porta potty is the absolute mixture of luxury and comfort combined with convenience and craft.

luxury porta potty

The countertops in both men and women’s restrooms are of Corian marble finish with absolute stainless steel sink basins and automatic shut off faucets that give full luxurious restroom experience. There is also a full vanity mirror in the women’s restroom with beautiful fluorescent central lighting. Also built in is the Exlerator electric hand dryer for those who want to choose and enjoy the warmth of it. The luxury porta potty provides the richest experience of relieving oneself. And none other than Cambridge wedding restroom trailers can provide such luxurious amenities. Hands On! There is also a built in domestic thermostat system which performs dual purpose. It generates heat in the winter months and provides coolest air conditioning during summer months.

The Men’s restroom is no less peaceful and an absolute vision compared to the Women’s. The Men’s Restroom has three Sloan porcelain waterless urinals with privacy dividers and one spacious bathroom stalls. Sometimes above the privacy divider there are artworks that display boundless creativity that make the bathing experience heavenly. Moreover, inside the women’s restrooms there are four porcelain pedal flush bowls for the freedom of being able to use your hands for something else. Not only this, the trailer also has AM/FM radio with CD player with speakers installed in the ceiling. All the necessities to make you feel so much at home and by yourself! The trail of rich magnificent paintings makes bathing and washroom experience purely royal and one of a kind. So book your luxurious porta potty today!