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Never have a bad hair and grow it out

By on November 5, 2017

8 Effective ways to protect your hair:

Healthy diet: Foremost precaution to protect and grow a healthy hair is to consuming a healthy diet. Good diet ensures the healthy hair. Add protein food, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in your diet. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and also reduce junk foods with more fat.

Avoid more heat on Scalp and hair: Scalp keeps your hair hold tight, so avoid too much heat like using hot water for a hair wash. Set your hair dryers and strengtheners on a cooler mode to avoid heat on the hair. Excessive heat increases hair fall.


Natural Oils: Use natural oils like coconut and olive to massage hair, scalp for stimulating the growth. This also helps to thicken your hair and retains the original color.

Selection of shampoos and conditioner: Everyone’s hair has different nature and accordingly one should choose the shampoos and conditioners.Aviod shampoos which contain harsh chemicals which damages your hair. Use a top rated and branded products which suits your hair.

Cleaning hair: Try to cleanse the hair properly regularly and wash properly under running water. Comb the hair properly to avoid damage. Don’t comb the wet hair and cover hair when you swim to protect from chemicals like chlorine.

Avoid contact to dust: Dust, pollution really causes a great hair fall and stops the hair growth. They may make your hair smell bad and oily. Better try to cover your hair with a scarf when you are travelling.

Control stress and smoking: Stress makes your cells in the hair to stop working and stops the growth of hair. So for a good hair and health avoid stress. Smoking affects the circulation of blood and thus prevents the new hair to grow. Reduce your smoking habits day by day.

Start to tie your hair loose: Tight hairstyle gives more strain to the cells in the scalp and prevents hair to grow.

Why go for hair transplantation?

Although following above steps, baldness may be seen in men more than women, due to nutritional deficiencies, genetical disorders and hormonal imbalances. They require a medical treatment and some leads to hair transplantation. Hair can be transplanted by using many hi-tech technology and results in good looking hair. The hair of the self on one side is attached to the parts where hair is lost. This technique makes to look your hair real and covers the baldness and scars of any accident. It has become a popular method in treating baldness especially in men. The effects are considered long term but not permanent according to the stats. However due to hair transplant surgery, many becomes happy upon the growth of hair.