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Trump’s Issues With Obamacare

By on December 14, 2017

Obamacare is an issue that would not go away for President Donald Trump. Even before he stepped into office, he has vowed to get rid of it. However, the issue will just not die out for him. Obamacare is big for many Americans, as it means that they can have affordable health care.

Trump and Obamacare

Why though does Trump have an issue with Obamacare? There are a few speculations. Some say that it might be because of an old feud with Obama. This feud is more political than anything else, as Obama represents all that is not American, at least in Trump’s eyes. Obama also happens to be part of the liberal Democrats, while Trump is with the more conservative Republicans. The issue then is more political.

Weakening Obamacare

On October 12, 2017 Trump has made an executive order which effectively weakens Obamacare. While the changes will happen, they won’t go into effect until next year. One of those effects is that access to association health plans are expanded. However, this might be taken advantage of by big companies, who are mostly the ones who have access to it. They can do it by raising prices on association health plans then.

Another effort made by the Trump to weaken Obamacare was done on September 22,2017. Health insurance exchanges are closed down on the first day of enrollment last November 1. The exchanges are also closed from midnight to noon every Sunday except on December 10. This is done to further weaken Obamacare.

How The Obamacare Repeal Affects Americans

People with chronic illness should be wary, as costs could rise when it comes to health care. Obamacare has helped people get low cost health care. Without it, there might be a raise in prices for health care especially for those who are sick. Healthy people might benefit under the new plan by Trump, as there won’t be any penalty under the tax reform law proposed.

The Bottom Line

What it all means is that there would be changes for many Americans, and it can get costly to get sick. That is, if the Trump administration can get its act together. So far, Republicans in Congress can’t seem to find a plan that can effectively replace Obamacare. Health care for many Americans are in a dead zone then, where on the one hand Obamacare is slowly being taken off but on the other hand, there still isn’t anything that can replace it.

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