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What do the Malaysians Think About BR1M?

By on September 22, 2017

BR1M is a system from the Malaysian government for the Malaysian populace. Its existence has been brought to the surface to aid low-income families and citizens of the country to help them in increasing their disposable income. For many, the program is great as it allows them to counteract the effects of the rising costs of living in Malaysia.

However, not everything about BR1M is seen as good in the eyes of some Malaysians. Some claim that the system breeds laziness. To put it simply, this program helps low-income citizens to receive money without practically doing anything. They may or may not have jobs to support their daily life, as long as they meet the requirement to claim cash then they may do so.

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BR1M Eases the Burden of Low-Income Families

Even with the negative outlook of BR1M from some of the country’s populace, there’s still no going around the fact that the program can ease the financial burden of poorer families. According to an interview with the Deputy President of the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (FOMCA) Mohammad Yusof Abdul Rahman with the Malaysian Digest back in 2015, the official stated that the distribution of financial aid does have its pros and cons. He continued his statement by following up that there are different views from varying perspectives. Looking at it from an economic standpoint, there is a positive multiplier effect that triggers enhanced domestic consumption.

Other Options to Distribute Aid Besides BR1M

There are some factions in the Malaysian population that think BR1M breeds more negative implications as opposed to delivering positive outlooks. It is, without a doubt, a great assistance for lesser-income families, but it also increases their dependence on the government. Furthermore, it can also lower the competitiveness of the marketplace since individuals, and even businesses can just get cash from the government, provided that they do meet its qualifications. While it can help, note that this assistance is only temporary and it can’t help the needy in moving out of the financial category. According to an interview of Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming with Malaysian Digest back in 2015, he said that it (BR1M) doesn’t seem to be a helpful financial assistance.

BR1M is Akin to a Painkiller

Most painkillers will only bring temporary relief to certain ailments, and this is the viewpoint of PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad when he was contacted by the Malaysian Digest to express his views about the program.

With 2017 already coming to a close, what can we expect BR1M will bring to the Malaysian population for the next year? We can always check semakan br1m 2018 for updates on the matter.