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What is Strømtest

By on August 22, 2017

Welcome to Strømtest, the official, and unbiased electric choice website. This website is available to all electric providers to list their offers for free. Compare offers and choose the electric plan that’s right for you

How we rated power providers

As Power Flow rates are the same for all power providers, and it varies frequently, we’ve only looked at the cheapest power suppliers when it comes to additional costs – this gives you cheap power. Thus, we have included the power suppliers with the lowest monthly charge and kWh premium, which includes statutory fees.

Billig strøm

For most, cheap power is the most important part of the choice of a power company. Although there are many power providers, most of them provide the same power from the same sources, in other words, you get power from the same power company, regardless of whether you choose an expensive or inexpensive power supplier. The main difference for you as a customer is price and customer service. Therefore, our list never exceeds 4 power companies, as we bring suppliers that offer the cheapest power and good customer service, so are not many of them.

Things to keep in mind when switching power supplier

Please be aware of the terms of an agreement, any binding time, agreement type, billing options, any promotional offers, and end-of-sale terms. As we have mentioned above, the spot price is recommended as the cheapest electricity deal over time. Make sure you get the right deal, terms, and prices when ordering the power agreement. Just about all power providers offer different power agreements, for example. Spot price, variable, fixed price etc. and it can be difficult to find the cheap power deal on your own, press read more next to the agreement to get the power deal we’ve compared. Also note that some agreements require a contract and an invoice, without drawing this you may be transferred to a more expensive electricity deal. Be sure to read the terms of agreement carefully before confirming exchange.

Many enactment measures become more profitable as the price of electricity rises

Relative to how high the electricity price is, it will be more profitable to do different enabling measures in your home or alternatively what would cost if the power was cheaper. For example, if the power was cheap enough, one could continue to have simple glass windows in the home, while the current price corresponds to cheaper triple or double windows instead of firing extra. But inexpensive power does not have to be a motivation for not doing enhancement either.

Essentially, it is also a matter of comfort. Even if you are to find a very good power supplier that gives you cheap power, replacing windows that pull or under insulate under the floor or the ceiling clearly shows how comfortable it is to stay in a home, How fast it can be heated when you get home and how easy it is to keep a stable comfortable warmth inside.