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Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Star for your Lover

By on December 11, 2017

Have you ever been in love that you want to give everything to that person? The rush of good hormones streaming through your veins keeps you up all night. The feeling of having a need to prove how you really love someone gets stronger each day. And one night, you look up in the sky and then you start wondering if you could name a star on behalf of your lover. Now, the question is, is it possible?

People say that the best things in life are free. Yes, it can be true in some situations. But, if you are no longer in control of your emotions, you start to do crazy things. You fetch your lover from work and prepare home-cooked meals each day. Basically, you do things that are unimaginable in your own perspective. You do things that you haven’t even done to yourself for a week. But then again, who cares? You are hundred percent willing to go for a thousand miles just to be with that person, right?

Reasons to Buy a Star

If random gifts are not enough, you can visit the International Star Registry. Why? Well, if you haven’t heard the news yet, the International Star Registry can let you name a star. Is it a joke? No. Can you recall the time you spoke the line of, “You are my universe.”? Now, you have the chance to do it. You can name a star the same as your lover’s. If you’re still not convinced on doing such thing, you may need to check the reasons below.

  • You will make your partner feel special
  • Your partner will have a reason to look at the stars each night
  • Your partner will always cherish your sweet deed

It is hard to argue how love comes unexpectedly. It makes you change. It makes you realize that you have a purpose in this world. In the very moment that you’ve found the one, no one can stop you from doing things. You do not care what other people think anymore. Being in love is priceless. Some people are having a hard time to find it in another person. Now that you’ve found the one, it is a no-brainer that you keep on surprising yourself of your romantic abilities. Buying a star for your partner is not just sweet. It is simply a manifestation of what you are capable of doing for that one special person in your life. The question is, can you think of another gesture that is better than buying a star?