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Health Care

The Drug Which Cures You

By on November 29, 2017

The drug Stanozolol became very well known when an athlete was tested positive for the drug in 1988. It was discovered in 1962 as a synthetic option for testosterone. It is an anabolic drug which resembles the testosterone in effects and is administered either as pills or as injections. The drug was mainly used for medicinal purposes and was used to cure the specific ailments that directly affected the protein blocks of the human body. The medicinal treatment with Stanozolol injections is a beneficial subject to know about.

Stanozolol is popularly known as Winstrol and it is still not a legal one to purchase in many countries. But the supplement has proven effects both for the fitness enthusiasts and the sick patients. The medicinal treatment with Stanozolol injections improves the conditions of the persons who suffer lower testosterone levels. The scientific research proved the benefits of the drug for women and there is perfectly no harm in using the prescribed dosage. It is also good for treating the pets, and the improper usage is the problem which causes many side effects.

medicinal treatment with Stanozolol

The Medical Uses Of  Stanozolol

Turner Syndrome


It is a condition which affects only females and is caused due to the missing of “X” chromosome or the partial missing of the chromosome. The affected girl doesn’t attain puberty during the adolescent period. The patient is generally short in stature and suffers the improper ovarian function. How Stanozolol benefits the Turner syndrome patients, is not clear and so the drug is not officially prescribed. But the off-label use of the drug in the treatment of the Turner Syndrome continues.


 Aplastic Anemia


When the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells, aplastic anemia occurs. In this disorder, it causes the body to attack its own bone marrow. So, the red blood cells are produced in less number. The shortness in breath, fatigue, random bruises and irregular heartbeat are the symptoms of this disease. Stanozolol increases the number of red blood cells and also elevates the amount of oxygen in the blood which results in the curing of the symptoms.


Blood Clotting Disorders


The people who have very low levels of clotting agents in the blood suffer from the blood clotting disorders. Stanozolol increases the count of the red blood cells and is effective in treating the clotting disorders. It quickens the clotting process and is used in surgeries to avoid excessive bleeding.

Hereditary Angioedema


The condition of the body in which certain parts swell up enormously is known as Hereditary angioedema. It mainly affects hands, face, legs, and abdomen but can occur in any part of the body and in severe cases it is even a life-threatening disease. Stanozolol reduces the swelling and renders the symptoms less problematic.


Uses in Veterinary Care


Stanozolol also benefits the animals and is widely prescribed by veterinarians. Some of the veterinary uses are

·         It increases the weight gain by inducing the appetite.

·          It helps in the treatment of anemia.

It enhances the development of new bone or muscle tissue which accelerates the healing process.