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The Best and Effective Over-the-Counter Treatments for Warts

By on September 6, 2017

Really warts are actually becoming a very common problem for everybody. Everyone strives for a wart free skin as they look ugly and cause embarrassing moments. Warts are hard to remove and that are not at all easy. They are caused by HPV virus which is quite commonly found in wet areas. This virus is spreads from one person to another person when contacted the same area or the same things used by the warts affected person. Warts can grow on any part of the body even in genital areas. Initially warts are removed by surgical methods by professionals using laser techniques. These treatments cause skin scars and burns which will last on the skin forever and so these treatments are not that popular for removing warts. These wart removal treatments are costly and in-effective.

wart removal

Wart Remover Products:

Now-a-days, there are many wart removal treatments available in the market which are cheap and effective. Most of the products are approved by FDA and many medical professional recommend these products as the best treatment for warts. These products are available in any pharmaceutical shops. They can be used very easily by simply following the steps instructed on the product and is very safe with no side effects. These treatments are very effective in removing warts completely with no pain. These over-the-counter or non-prescription removal of wart treatments are used to treat common warts effectively without the need to go to a doctor. These can be treated by self on the wart affected area. These products include salicylic acid and cryotherapy products that contain a combination of dimethyl ether and propane. These products are available in the form of pads, creams, strips, liquid solutions and many more. Firstly, the person has to self-check on the skin before treating on warts to avoid any skin irritations and sensitivities if any.

These removal of wart treatments are found to be effective and cheap but it will take days to weeks to completely remove a wart. These products are to be chosen based on the manufacturing company and reviews of the patients who already had used them. People affected by warts should follow a clean routine in order not to spread the warts to other areas of the body and to other people. Warts should not be manipulated in any way like cutting, plucking, itching etc. If the warts didn’t disappear even after using these treatments for a long time or having any irritation after using them patient should immediately consult his/her dermatologist for further medication.