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Tips for buying new kitchen appliances

By on July 5, 2017

Buying new kitchen appliances can be really tiring. We know it’s not rocket science, but getting the wrong product can be an expensive mistake which you really wouldn’t want to make. Kitchen appliances are expensive products and you cannot return them as easily as a dress, a hat or something like that. This is why you need to be prepared at every stage of the purchase when it comes to the matter of major kitchen appliances.

A costly mistake can leave you in tears and you may have to fight and argue a lot if you need to return the product. Here are a few important steps which you need to follow, so that you don’t make any mistakes


Research a lot on the appliance you need to buy. Check the prices of these online and compare it with those in the stores. Read through kitchen product reviews available. These kitchen product reviews will help you know the users’ experiences with the product, the difficulties in handling them, the issues they have faced while getting them serviced, and the cost of maintenance.

Measure measure

Many a times, you like a major kitchen appliance like a fridge or a dish washer, but when you buy it and get it home, it doesn’t fit through the door or in the place you want to keep it. This is why you need to make sure that you have the measurements of all the doors the product has to be carried through before it reaches the kitchen. You also need to know the measurement and dimensions of the place where you want to place this appliance.

kitchen product reviews

Also, make sure that there is a plug point next to the place of the product so that you don’t need to drill up the wall ad get a new plug point made. Make sure these appliances and plug-points are not nearby the sink where water can splash to save you from getting electrocuted or you appliance from getting spoiled.

Don’t get defeated by your impulses

We know that your heart pounds faster when you see a huge discount on an appliance. It may be cheap, but the first thing to think through is the need and necessity of that appliance. If they are being sold so cheap, there are chances that they are not on demand and this might be due to some drawbacks of the product.

Think if the product will fit your kitchen, your needs and your budget before making an impulsive purchase.

Ask about the warranty and free services

Purchasing a kitchen appliance doesn’t just end with its delivery to your home. You are spending a lot of money on the product and you need to know about the warranty and free services you will get. Make sure the maintenance charges of the product isn’t high and you get free services during the warranty period.