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Essential Tips to Make Evening Walks with Your Dog Safer

By on August 22, 2017

Evening walks are the perfect alternative for you and your dog when it’s too hot to go out during the day. Indeed, the heat can be a pain for both of you. Hence, the option to go out at night is a worthy consideration for both your sakes. However, before you slip on the leash and go out the door it’s best to be prepared.

Bear in mind evening walks can be trickier since it’s nighttime. Nonetheless, knowing what you can do to make it safer so your first and succeeding trips would be worth it for you and your dog.

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Think About What You and Your Dog Wear 


Logically, you’ll want to avoid dark colored clothes. Hence, go for bright colors. If possible, and if you’re willing, put on a reflective vest. This makes you highly visible especially if you and your dog are walking the sidewalk next to a busy street.

Likewise, consider getting your dog a USB Rechargeable Light Up Dog Leash. The light it provides can help make your evening walks safer. It’s also more stylish than trying to juggle a flashlight in one hand and your dog in the other. Plus, it’ll certainly catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians. So, chances are you and your dog will be the talk of the community afterward.

Map Out Your Route

The last thing you want is to walk around aimlessly at night. Be sure to plan where you and your dog are heading to rather than tempt fate and get lost. If you can, choose an area with minimal distractions for your dog. Moreover, it would be best to stick to the main roads. Stick to the sidewalk and while you’re walking it’s best to go against the traffic. This limits the chances of getting hit from behind.

Keep Your Phone Handy

No doubt you’ll have your phone with you. However, avoid using your earphones while walking the dog. You’ll want to stay alert always when going on an evening walk. You’ll need to keep your phone handy in case of an emergency. In the event, one of you is injured then you get in touch with family, friends, or the authorities.

If you get lost then you can use your phone’s built-in map app to guide the two of you back home. Likewise, the flashlight can help light the way in case your dog strays from your designated route.

Planning your evening walks make it safer and fun for you and your dog.