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Tips For Choosing A Reputable Animal Walker

By on June 7, 2017

Are you an extremely busy pet owner that has very little time to spare for walks and other outdoor activities? If so, it may be time to consider hiring someone to walk the animal for you. Now, this will be a challenging task, even though there will probably be many available animal walkers in your vicinity. You must take this task seriously and treat it as if you are searching for a babysitter for your child. If you are like most people, you animal is one of your most prized possessions. Below, you will discover several tips for choosing a reputable animal walker.

Get References

Surely one of your friends, co-workers or family members will have or still is utilizing an animal walker. The best source for obtaining reliable references is those people, which is why you should start interviewing them first. Once you collect the names of several animal walkers, you will still want to do thorough research on each one of them. Just note that it could have been weeks, months or even years since the source last utilized the animal walker’s services.

Do a search inquiry online, focusing mainly on customer review and ratings. The comments left by consumers are a wealth of information and can prevent you from making a huge mistake. Animal walkers will be plentiful in metropolis areas, but very limited in rural and suburban areas, but do not just settle for the only available option.

Rely On Responsible Teenagers

Many teenagers will seek summer jobs so they will have a little extra cash coming in for entertainment and shopping purposes. If you cannot find a reputable animal walker in your neighborhood, the next best option will be a responsible teenager. Avoid teens that have a reputation of getting into trouble, disobedient or like to hang out with bad crowds. Instead, choose a teenager that is respectful, kind and loves animals. Once you find a few prospects, you will need to put them to the test. Invite them over to your home and let them meet your pet, just to see how the two respond to each other.

automatic dog feeder

If your pet take to them teenager, then you can say that this is the right person to take him/her for walks. If the pet does not respond to the teen, you should move on to the next prospect. Show the teen where you keep the automatic dog feeder, so they can feed and water the pet after each walk.

Licensed Service Provider

A professional animal walker will be licensed and insured with the state they reside in. The government requires all professionals, who provide services to the public to obtain a business license. It will be in your pet’s best interest to only consider someone that is licensed and insured, because accidents and mishaps can occur without a moment’s notice. If your pet is injured, while in the care of a licensed animal walker, you will be protected from financial loss. The professional’s insurer should cover the hospital or veterinarian expenses.

Monitor Your Animal’s Response

Again, you should invite the animal walker into your home to meet your pet. Monitor your animal’s response when the two meet. If the pet appears afraid or startled, which is out of the norm, this may be a warning sign. However, if this is how your animal responds to all strangers, you will need to base your decision on something else.

The professional should respond to the pet in a friendly manner, as well as the pet. You should not expect your pet to accept every animal walker they meet. Professional dog walker, Jack Taylor, said, “Let your pet choose who he or she wants to spend time with and never force them to walk with something they do not like.”