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Real Estate

The Special Power of Real Estate Developers

By on July 15, 2017

Have you ever been handed out one of those flyers while you were strolling around a mall? Perhaps you have encountered flyers from a real estate agent. You will see some actual pictures of the existing condo or house unit which they are selling to you but some are just 3D animated pictures. The 3D animated ones are without a doubt a fine-looking detail included in those real estate flyer designs.

 But have you ever thought the reasoning behind using such pictures instead of real ones? As a potential customer, real pictures of the product are much appreciated and much reliable basis to what we expect since it is already the real final look of the product.

The Game Plan

The simple answer is that those pictures of 3D animated houses are not yet finished. It is still in perspective and it is being marketed even if the construction is currently ongoing or have not yet even started. A simple marketing strategy used by the developers to acquire pre-sale money so they can introduce money in their cash flow.

Even though developers allocated budget for the construction of the house units, they want to have an early surge in the cash flow so they can fully utilize it by mobilizing new projects. It is also to make sure that when the construction is finished, most of the units are already sold and they will have a saving in the cost of marketing.

The Realization

It is amazing how developers utilize their marketing strategy like flyers or dioramas to conduct a transaction of a product that is still abstract.  It is like they have a special power to persuade us in investing in a product that is not yet finished.  They also offer promo and discounts to the first numbers of buyers to make it competitive, hence, putting pressure to those interested to transact as soon as possible.

But with all that said in their marketing, all you have to rely on are the pictures they provide and a diorama on their office. Hoping that everything they promised and showcased will be delivered properly at the end of the construction.  All you can do while waiting is to convince yourself that it was worthy of your investment and time.

The Charm of the Real Estate industry

There is lots of money involved in the real estate industry and that is one of the primary reason many opportunistic people flock to it. Hence, you will probably encounter various land developers trying to sell you their projects.

Appearances of small and thriving developers will do their best to attract buyers using colorful flyers and eye-catching marketing strategies. Most likely they can convince some people to buy their project but not all of them can deliver what they have promised in the beginning. This case is more rampant between small developers but to a certain degree, large experienced developers are not also an exception. There is a medium high possibility that the outcome of the final product that you have contracted in the pre-sales is very poor in quality due lacking quality control by the developer.

 Hence, it is more reliable to base on actual finished products instead of those still in perspective which have fifty-fifty chance to be delivered in passable conditions to the buyers.  This shows how powerful their marketing strategies by utilizing colorful printed materials. Those flyers by the real estate developers can be alluring with their 3D effects but put into mind what is the actual finished product and how effectively the developer can deliver it.