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Build Your Own Guitar

By on September 10, 2017

Research, lot of work and planning is required to build a guitar. Read many books on the subject, surf the net extensively, watch videos- collect information from as many sources as you can.

Suggestions-Some suggestions for the first-timers would be-

  • Do not choose a complicate design. Keep the design as simple as possible.
  • Do not expect to build a perfect guitar at the first time itself. You have to make many guitars until you make a perfect one. It is a trial and error method.
  • Do not forget the safety rules. The woodwork, blades and power tools are to be used with a lot of care.
  • Do not skip making a full-sized plan of the guitar. Design, construction, measurements, angles are all vital points to be planned before starting the project.

DIY guitars- Deciding on the kind of guitar you want to build, some choices have to be made regarding-

Body type- choose from the Stratocaster or the Telecaster style. The Stratocaster- is the popular body style in solid body electrics. It is more versatile. Telecaster- is a simpler body to make. It is slightly heavier, single cut away without the contour of the Stratocaster and is a favorite of country musicians and alternative rock guitarists as well.

Wood – The common three types of wood used for electric guitars are mahogany, ash and alder and the ‘neck’ is made from- rosewood, mahogany or maple. This determines the weight, playability, sound profile and tone of the guitar.

Pickups- Single coil pickups- gives a more biting sound with lots of bass and treble. Humbuckers- offer a full sound, which is good for heavy distortions.

The other components- like the bridge, tuners, nut, pickguard, neck, template and wiring should also be considered. It makes the assembling easier and hassle free.

You will need a long list of tools to get started. Some of the important tools are- hammer, wood glue, jig saw, sandpaper, screwdrivers, router, soldering iron, flux, safety goggles, wire cutters, clamps, fret bender and fret press, files, drill and drill bits and so on.