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Buy the right fles for your child

By on September 5, 2017

Teaching a child to have milk for a fles is very important after a certain age as every time it is not possible for a mother to feed her child. Feeding from fles is better as it makes the child independent and also gives mother sometime for her own self. Now a big task in front of the mother is of choosing the correct bottle for theri child according to theri convenience and need. One can even see fles online on a number of mother care sites or sites especially for baby items; there are a number of them. Buying fles online is advantageous as one gets a vast variety to choose from and also because the prices of the fles are low as compared to the ones sold in local markets.

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Remember while buying online

  • Don’t go for the ones that are made up of plastic. Though plastic is shatterproof and inexpensive but plastic bottles deteriorate quiet easily and they need to be replaced regularly.
  • Glass fles are considered better as they last longer than the plastic bottles even though they are expensive but they are much safer to use.
  • Stainless steel bottles are light and unbreakable; they are more expensive but are better than the plastic and the glass ones.
  • Choose bottles that are disposable as they can be thrown away after use especially during travelling.
  • Fles with venting system are good as that saves the child from taking in the air.
  • Choose the size of the bottle according to the size of your child; for small children small bottles are fine while for the elder ones bigger ones are better.
  • The nipples should be wide so that the child doesn’t feel a difference between a fles and a mother’s breast.