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Choosing the best meditation Cushion

By on November 27, 2017

In choosing the best meditation cushion or pillow, one should include a number of criteria, such as the meditation posture preferred, the proper body alignment, how much comfort it provides and the overall aesthetic of the cushion.

best meditation Cushion

Why is a meditation cushion needed?

The human body needs proper support in any posture or position, if not it will try to take the shape of the surface on which it rests. It is because the human body not characteristically flat nor is perfectly curved to adhere to any specific shape. This is one of the primary reason why there is a misalignment of the hips, legs, shoulder, spine, and the neck which causes discomfort or pain. With the use of the medication cushions or pillow, the person could increase their comfort while maintaining alignment. Like any other activity such as cooking, proper tools are also needed in meditation.

How does meditation posture affect the type of cushion?

There is a variety of meditation posture one might engage such as the full lotus, the half lotus, seiza, chair sitting, and lying down. Some often mix and match this posture depending on what type of meditation they would perform or the time of day. Flexibility is greatly needed when performing a sitting or kneeling meditation, one must rely on their ankles, knees, and hip to provide a stable base. These are the most common cases where misalignments happen thus cause great discomfort to the body.

What is the proper meditation alignment?

In any sitting meditation, may it be a full lotus or a half lotus, one must have a solid foundation. The spine should be firm with a slight curve on the lower back and the upper back, with the neck curving in and the head straight and level. This alignment is called the s curve. This naturally supports the body allowing the greatest level of comfort and reducing stress on the spinal column. Forcing your body to perform uncomfortable positions on a long stretch of time might cause injury or muscle pain.

Why is comfort necessary when performing meditation?

Whatever posture one might use in performing meditation, a solid foundation, the proper alignment of the body and comfort is very important. One must be comfortable with their position to let their mind wander. It is so that one could focus on the mind and not on the physical discomfort they are feeling. In meditation, one must put a priority on what the mind does over the position of the hands and the body.


Just like any other activity, meditation also needs some tools to make the work easier and more comfortable. With a support from the cushions, a beginner or a pro will have an easier time focusing on the mediation rather than their physical self which is the main purpose of the exercise. With the help of these tools performing your daily ritual will be easier and much more enjoyable.