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Gear up to become a paintball sniper!

By on October 17, 2017

Playing the role of paintball sniper:

 The task is actually different compared to being a regular player trying to get the flag. The paintball sniper has to do all the disguise and cover all his movement that way he can not be seen during battle. Paintball sniper movements have not to be fast. Most of the time it is slow and steady for him not to be seen by the opponents. A paintball sniper sometimes has to hold his/her position well hidden in corners or bushes before making their way to the opposing teams place.

Want to be a paintball sniper:

If being a paintball sniper is what you want then you should be getting the appropriate clothes for it. You have to avoid using bright colors. By staying low in position and color you will have a better chance of getting close and shooting them.

Things you got to remember:

Choose the location: The first thing that you should be doing if you are a sniper you got to find the best location to camp and wait for someone to come along. It should have a quick escape and not too far from where the person will appear.  Most would recommend the hillsides.

Camo: The type of clothes you wear will help a lot during battle. This should not be anything fancy. Dark colored clothes will do. When you set up to try to cover yourself with some bush or leaves and make sure that any bright colors are covered too. (red, yellow or silver)

Silent mode: Make sure that you minimize or better not make any sound while doing cover.  And choose a  paintball sniper rifle that does not make a lot of sounds.

Shooting:  When are out to shoot and you have a red dot or scope use it. If your target is in a distant make sure to aim just high above the head and pretty sure you will have a clear shot right in the chest or back.

Summary:  Being a paintball sniper is not an easy task. You got to have a good eye on where to position and where your opponents are. Always remember that they are also looking for you. So better make the best disguise for you not to be found. Choose or use the right clothes and weapon for a better result. The task is not only for you to shoot as many opponents as you can but also to help your team capture the flag. Happy Shooting