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Hookah and its popularity

By on July 4, 2017

The origin of hookahs is said to have happened in parts of South East Asia and the Middle East. Hookahs are smoking tools that have a water basin through which the vapour passes before entering the user’s mouth. Several pipes emerge out of the water basin so as to allow a large group of people to smoke simultaneously from the same hookah. Shisha is the tobacco product that is smoked through a hookah. Hookah Shisha is heated in the hookah machine and the vapours are inhaled for a high feeling, The hookah usually has intricate art on its body and artisans were hired to do so during the kings’ time. Hookahs have become very popular in all parts of the world today.

Today, the hookahs are not only available in their traditional form in hookah cafes and bars but also in the form of hookah pens. Hookah pens are basically portable hookah machines. They are disposable and hence, easy to use in today’s busy world. The hookah shisha filled in the pen and it is inhaled just like in the case of a traditional hookah. The competitors of hookahs in the market are cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapes. All of these are similar and all contain nicotine, which is the core ingredient, but in different quantities.

Hookahs are said to contain lower levels of nicotine as compared to its competitors. They are also said to be far less addictive. These two features of hookahs have led to the boom in hookah industry. Another advantage of hookah is that the water basin helps in purifying the tobacco vapours to a little extent.

Variants in Hookah:

Keeping all of these health-based advantages aside, what is another reason hookahs are so popular among youngsters? It is that hookahs are available in a wide variety of flavours. These flavours make the vapour from the hookah taste multiple times better than the plain smoke flavored forms of tobacco. The flavours vary from fruity flavours like apple, cherry and raspberry to refreshing flavours like mint and green tea to rich flavours like licorice and honey to exhilarating combinations like mint-chocolate and mixed berry.

These flavoured hookahs make the experience exciting. People always want change and what else can they ask for in a hookah. It is a great innovation that has garnered a lot of fans in the form of regular consumers. The taste of hookah smoke can be improved even more by using a few simple tricks. The first thing to keep in mind is that one should use moderate heat I hookahs. Too much or too little heat wont give you the best experience. Another good way to improve the taste of your hookah is by maintaining your pipe well.