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Hookah? Shisha? What are they?

By on July 4, 2017

Hookah is a device that is used to smoke tobacco. The difference between Hookah and any other form of smoking tobacco is that the vapors pass through a water basin before inhalation by the user. Also, in case of hookah shishas, the tobacco is heated and not burned. Due to this reason, it is believed that a lot of harmful effects of smoking tobacco are minimized. Hookahs have been in use ever since the 16th century. Today, hookahs are mostly famous among youngsters. One can find hookah bars in any major city now. If you are new to the concept of hookahs, you might be confused about the different terms associated with it. Some call it hookah, some call it shisha and some, hookah shisha. But what is the correct term. It must be remembered that hookah and shisha are different terms. While hookah is the tool or the instrument through which one smokes, shisha is the tobacco substance that is smoked through a hookah.

Why are they loved? A knowhow

What is a Hookah Shisha popular? Hookahs, as we have already discussed, are very popular among youngsters. But why are they choosing this over the conventional way of smoking tobacco? It is because shisha is available in various interesting flavours. Being the suckers for new things that they are, youngsters love this. They want to try the delicious new flavours every time they smoke.

In recent times, every one is busy with his/her own hectic schedule and might find it difficult to travel to a hookah bar or a hookah café to unwind and relax while smoking. So, we have a new invention. And it is nothing but a hookah pen. A hookah pen is a modified version of the e-cigarette. Hookah pens are basically disposable vaping pens. One gets all the feels of a hookah without having to be stuck in a hookah bar. This has made hookahs even more popular.

The hookah pens, just like the hookahs are available in exotic flavours like licorice, choco mint, kiwis, raspberry and many more. The sweet aroma of this altered tobacco is very much liked by young adults. A clean pipe will help you get a good flavor of your shisha instead of an ashy flavor due to the residue that is built up in it.

The usual users of hookahs are youngsters. Today’s generation is far more conscious of their health than any before. So, because of the notion that hookahs are way less addictive than the usual smoking devices, they turn towards hookahs.Also, hookahs contain lesser nicotine than other forms of tobacco. This is one of the biggest reasons for the boom in hookah business in recent years.