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Transformation From Baby bed to the full bed!

By on December 10, 2017

Convertible baby cribs are full-sized, wood made baby cribs that can provide as both kid mattresses and twin-sized mattresses when modified. They are usually more expensive than conventional, non-adjustable baby cribs, but many parents feel that in the long run, they will reduce costs because they won’t have to buy another bed when they turn to teenagers, and again for an adult bed. Below are the types of conversions you can have when you buy convertible baby cribs.

From the Baby Bed

As your little one gets more active and big enough to evade the bed, then it’s time to change the bed to your teen sized bed. This is a simple transformation that needs you to get rid or remove the top side train or drop-side of the bed and substitute it with your kid’s bed safety train / protected train. You can use the same bedding with this transformation.

Onto the Twin Bed

These baby cribs are slightly smaller sized compared to a full-sized bed, but will still let your children enjoy well until their teenage years. Many of these baby cribs will turn from a bed into a double scaled headboard and footboard which is perfect for family members who want to use a double bed before a complete bed. You’ll use the top side and rear sections of the bed as the head and footboard and protected them together with either wood made bed rails or a metallic bed frame based on what’s available for your type of bed.

The Adult Bed

Sometimes a convertible bed is sold with certain transformation designs involved. Also if you want even more convertible choices and you have the ability to buy additional transformation packages to improve the bed to different bed dimensions, then you can just add them to make your convertible bed more of how you imagined or wanted it to be. Besides, how many bed choices you want is totally up to you.

Another comfort provided by the convertible bed is space. If you are planning on having multiple children, these convertible beds are often a great choice. Oftentimes, a bed is passed on from one child to another, so then this has to be saved until you need it for the next kid.