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Vacuum Cleaners That Will Get The Job Done

By on December 30, 2017

There are so many households that are having a hard time cleaning the surfaces of their houses because of the fact that their vacuum cleaners don’t work well. Some couldn’t get rid of the dust properly while others would prove to be ineffective against furs. When it comes to cleaning, you need to have the right type of equipment in order for it to work. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time “cleaning” but nothing is ever changing. It will really waste your time. That’s why you need to upgrade and look for something that will last forever and really does its job.

swivel steering mechanism

Some houses still use the old broom and dustpan which is a pain in the back. Aside from the fact that it will really take up most of your time, it doesn’t really get rid of the dust. That’s because sweeping it will just make some dust particles fly around making it impossible for you to clean up. If you’re still using this, well then bless you and your efforts. But now is the time to make a change and look for the best commercial vacuum cleaner. These are great for wide spaces like huge houses and establishments too.

Has to be lightweight

If you’re following a schedule and you need to do your chores right away, then the TaskVac Vacuum is the right choice. It is also affordable than most Hoover Commercial models. Hoover Commercials is one of the best makers of commercial vacuums and you really wouldn’t go wrong with them. The TaskVac includes a quick-drop bag which is crucial in order for you to do your next task. The long hose is also very visible in order for your colleagues to avoid stepping on it and tripping on it.

Either handheld or upright

One of the best vacuums is one that can be used as a handheld or an upright vacuum which is important if you need to clean some hard to reach places. Luckily, Shark has one called the Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum and it’s affordable for only 200 dollars. It also has LED headlights which makes it easier for you to clean places that are hard to see. The swivel steering mechanism means that you will be able to clean more challenging places including under the desk and so on. It has a HEPA Filter which basically means that all the dust are trapped inside and won’t come out so your colleagues wouldn’t have to worry about their allergies acting up.

Don’t worry if you’re on a budget

It’s pretty understandable if you want to save more money and lucky for you, there’s one commercial vacuum that you will really love. It’s called the Oreck Commercial 8 Pound Vacuum which is priced at around 170 dollars. If you think that this vacuum is not that good enough, think again. It is specifically designed to do the important jobs only and it gets rid of unnecessary features that you will most probably won’t be using. It has double helix bristles that can knock out dirt from the surface that you are cleaning. So it really ensures that the surface is spotless.

When it comes to looking for a commercial vacuum, you need to look for something that will get the job done. No matter what the price, you have to consider its capabilities and it will be perfect for your establishment too.