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Various headphone styles available for buying

By on July 2, 2017

Now-a-days headphones became an important accessory in human life. Majority of us use these headphones for hearing music without any disturbances from others. Headphones help in getting high quality of music, where a person can concentrate on the background of the song. Apart from features these headphones are embedded with, model or type of headphone you might be purchasing is also important decision to be taken. Phaiser BHS-750 is the most sought after for its unique design on ear-buds design.

Models of Headphones

Following are various types of headphones and their purposes briefly discussed below.

Ear-bud Headphones

These headphons came as a counterpart for occuping the market share of the large bulky headphones. These are available at low cost, easy to carry and offer good quality of sound.

Phaiser BHS-430

The drawback of this model of headphone is that they will not sit properly into the ear and will fall out of your ear for every turn you make. These headphones will create a small amount of pain in your ears. To overcome the drawback, this model is embedded with an ear pin, which locks the buds in your ear.  Some ear-bud headphone models are embedded with ear-tip. This ear-tip can be chosen basing on the size of the ear. To understand about this product Read More.

On-Ear Headphones

The headphone on your ear has been designed to cover the whole ear completely. These can be preferred for both indoor and outdoor. This model causes lesser strain on the ear. The sound quality can be rated as normal as it won’t prevent outside noise. These are lightweight to carry but look bulky. The drawback of this design is, due to sweat on ears, headphone cups would get wet and may cause some irritation to the ears.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

In this model headphone cups would cover the entire ear. This model looks very large to wear. This headphone are good at noise reduction and will give you a better quality of sound when compare to the other model headphones. We have 2 different types in this model. They are Closed Back Headphones and Open Back Headphones.  Close back headphones will give high quality of sound as there will be no intervention of noise. In Open back headphones model headphone cups are open at the back and will cause noise intervention. Though this model is highly durable and consumes lot of power to get charged. The price of this model is higher than other models.

Whatever the model you are selecting, first check the comfort level. Headphones comfort level differs from person to person. So do some research, read reviews and then check the comfort of that model to your ear. Then you can experience incredible music.