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7 Simple ways to Grow Instagram followers

By on September 13, 2017

Instagram is the latest and fastestgrowing social networking platform that allows businesses and individuals to expand their brand. For businesses, it’s a way to popularise business brand, showcase company culture and products.Unless you are famous, it is really very difficult to get a bigger following on Instagram. You need to put time and constant effort like creating and customising your profile, uploading photos and videos, using hashtags etc.,

Here we discuss some of the ways to get more followers on Instagram

  1. Create your profile

Download and install theInstagram app. Click on it and sign up using thephone number or email address. Optimise it by adding aprofile picture and filling other optional columns.

  1. Edit your photos

Edit your photos before posting on Instagram. Attractive photos will attract a large number of followers.

  1. Post regularly

Post regularly to your account by sharing relevant photos and videos. Keep yourself active daily. Don’t post too much or not enough post as users may not like that.

  1. Post at right times

Posting at right times of the day is also very important. Generally, users follow social network in the morning or on their way back home from work.

  1. Add lovely Captions

Add captions and hash tags to your posts. Hashtags are helpful to find your post if any user is searching for such things.

     6. Interact with followers and other users

Follow other users. Comment actively on their posts. Like their post, if they are worthy to do so. You can ask them to follow your account or like your post.

  1. Create Stories

Upload a set of relevant photos and create a nice story out of it. It will attract users and they will become your followers.


Create an optimised profile and keep posting regularly.Gathering followers won’t happen overnight on Instagram.It is a stronger platform to expand your personal or business brand.