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A must have for any Bundesliga fan

By on September 9, 2017

Football is one of the world’s most prominent ball sports, played and enjoyed by millions and millions of people of all ages all around the globe. Aside from that, football has also some of the most enthusiastic and supportive fans there are. Football fans are some of the truest fans you can find, in any sport. Bash their favourite team and sure enough, all hell might break loose.

This amount of support and love for the game just proves that football fans will do just about anything for the sport, that’s why when game day comes and you can’t watch your favourite teams battle it out on the field, you feel like there’s something missing, a void. Thankfully that void can be filled with Live Football Bundesliga, a fussball app that lets you in on the juicy and heart stopping details during a match.

fussball app

Never miss a game again

This wonderful app (probably created by football fans who just happen to be app developers as well) gives you current updates during the games, in real time too. So you won’t get to miss anything, except watching it live. At least you get filled in on the game, from scores to penalties to everything in between, in real time, so you get to feel as if you’re actually in the game.

Current headlines

Not only does this app give you updates during game day, it also gives you the current news concerning the Bundesliga all throughout football season, daily. This way, you won’t get to miss every single detail of your favourite team or players. Daily updates will be sent to your mobile phone or tablet via push notifications.

The perks

There’s probably nothing better than an app that gives you updates and real time reports during game day. Oh wait, there is, a FREE to download app that gives you updates and real time reports during game day. Rejoice football fans, rejoice. This wonderful app is free to download from the Google play store for all supported android devices so you better make sure your operation system is up to date to have this very handy app.

Additional content

Aside from the contents mentioned, this app also lets you watch the highlights of the game as well as the interviews with the players and a few behind the scene footages. Sorry to say ladies, there aren’t any locker room behind the scene footages though.

All in all, this app can be considered as one of the must have apps for any Bundesliga fans to keep them updated on everything they need regarding the league. From current news and updates, to stats, to interviews, videos and game day updates, this app is the complete package.