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By on September 25, 2017 aims to help consumers find best providers of services at best prices. They investigate the market and collect the best in the lists so that you as a consumer find great deals from serious players quickly, easily and safely. On this site there are categories that you can choose from, compare suppliers, then order the service. As easy as that!

One of the categories listed is Electricity Prices. On this category, the site features power comparisons, trends for electricity prices, tips to lower electricity prices, the use of the Power Calculator, Rate deals, and so much more.

Power prices Comparison (as of 2017)

  • Agva Spot Optional – kWh Price – -3.3 øre / Monthly Price – 0 kr
  • Norway Energy Spot – kWh Price – 3.6 øre / Monthly Price – 27 kr
  • Akraft Spot – kWh Price – -0.5 øre / Monthly Price – 0 kr

 Trends for Electricity Prices.

            It is not a secret that the power prices have increased over the last few decades. There are several reasons for this. However, international events have also led to a fall in power prices. The price of both fuel and how it is regulated in Norway, how much revenue is derived from the sale of power has been a compromise.

            Because of the decrease in the oil prices, this also contributed to the slow effect on other power prices, where we can now experience to be in a recession, equivalent to the prices before US companies secured control of oil shortages in Iraq.  If the rest of the economy is improving, an increase in energy prices would be felt by the consumers.

Tips To Lower Electricity Prices.

            Being stuck in just one power provider will not give you the chance to see which is better. Be prepared to switch electricity supplier more often. You must also be prepared for the rise in market as a whole. All power suppliers will be more expensive, although there will still be cheaper than the others. Keep informed of developments and take time to compare electricity prices.

Power Calculator.

            You can easily find the suppliers for your needs with the help of the Power Calculator.  You will have the ability to compare power prices from all the best and cheapest power suppliers.

Cheap Spot Rate Deal.

            According to studies, 85% of consumers pay too much for power. The main reason for this is that they have chosen agreements that focus on a fixed price on the stream. The big difference in what one pays with a fixed price agreement, compared to a spot price agreement on power, accounts for a large part of the lost billion that NVE reports about. If you choose a spot price agreement then you will earn it in the long run. On the other hand, you are not insured against sudden change in the electricity price.

It is worth comparing power prices

With, it is easy to compare electricity prices. It is worth comparing the power prices since it will help you save money and get the best service that you are paying for. Anyone who regularly searches for the lowest power company will find good spot rate deals at any time.