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Flashing of Smart Phone in Three Simple Steps

By on December 3, 2017

SP flash tool is a wonderful application and by using this software, you can perform several things easily. The main purpose of designing this application is to facilitate the process of flashing ROMs on your mobile devices. It is imperative to know that only MTK these devices will support this software. The features and uses of this application areimpressive and its interface is clean and smooth. Even a novice can perform the task of flashing custom ROMs. You can check its website for sp flash tool download link.

Let us understand it through step-by-step process.

Step Number One

You need to download all the necessary files from a genuine source. You will get it in a zip package from its website. Open the folder and click on splashtool exe to load it. Uncheck all the other boxes and move on to the next step.

Step Number Two

Search for the recovery box option and load the recovery image. It will tell you where you are going to save this file. Select the desired location for saving the recovery image. When you are done, find the recovery box checked. Always download it from a genuine link of sp flash tool download.

Step number Three

Connect you smartphone and switch off it. Click on the download button on the top of the page. After clicking on this, just wait and the flash tool will do the rest. In case you are facing any issues,you can post your query in the android community forums for help or consult an expert.

If the process of flashing is successful, you will get a message box with green circle. This indicates that you have successfully performed the task.

You can do a couple of other things like formatting the device in simple steps. You can also upgrade the firmware and test the memory with great amount of ease. This tool also has a feature to find out, whether the memory of this device is working properly or not.