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Give your app an edge over the rest.

By on July 9, 2017

Are you a mobile developer looking to earn money from your apps and games? Do you want to increase your user base, improve your ratings and get more downloads? What you need is help from Rank app. You will get a one of a kind opportunity to get noticed worldwide. Your apps and games will be promoted through high quality installs by real people. To help you get to the next level we offer the following unique app promotion services.

1) Real users from real devices.                            

  Your will receive real installs from people from all over the world. Forget about the fake installs that use bots or automated software, when you work with Rank app you get installs from real mobile devices.

2) Worldwide or targeted installs.
Your apps and games will be promoted worldwide allowing you to reach a huge audience and your app and/or game gets its due recognition. Once this happens then you can start earning from the hard work it took to make your app.

3) Free installs.                     

Each order has a bonus of a free install which basically translates to free ratings and reviews for your app or game.

4) Support services.

You can be able to receive real time help from us via Skype or email.  We will provide any assistance required to help you make a smart choice on what package best suits your app an funds.

5) Best prices.                           

      Get the best prices in the market for quality app promotion. Our rates are affordable and we have various packages to suite your needs and budget they include:

  1. A) Regular install package. If you are looking to introduce your app into the market and get new users to try it out then this is the ideal package for you. For as little as $10 you can get the starter pack that guarantees 200 installs.$25 places your installs at 500 while $40 gets you the Master package that guarantees 1000 installs. For the V.I.P package all you need is $150 and you get yourself 5000 installs.
  2. B) Keyword installs packages. Our keyword installs give your application and edge over competition in order to ensure that more people see it. This package boosts your apps position in the play market ensuring that more people get to see your million dollar idea. In order to rank above your competitors you need traffic. Once your app is in the market all you need to do is use our keyword installs and just like that you will have organic traffic that will allow you to earn money. In addition to the number of installs each of these packages comes with 6 hour retention. For as little as $30 you get our Amateur package that guarantees you get 250 installs, the developer package goes for $60 and gets you 500 installs. The Top package will cost you $100 and will get you 1000 installs while the Legend package will cost $600 and get you 5000 installs. This package works for anybody with an app in the android play store.
    So what are you waiting for? Buy installs from Rank app and watch your app go to the next level.