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Growth Hacking Agencies-their role in modern business

By on August 31, 2017

Growth hacking is a process in which the core objectives of a business are clearly understood and focused on achieving them.  It is a deeper understanding of the potentialities of business and the right way to target them. It works well especially with startups where experience is less and growth aspirations are high.  It offers detailed market research, focused strategies and online marketing tactics.

Advantages of Growth hacking agencies:

Wide reach:

  • They aim at big pool of consumers and develop game plan accordingly. But conventional marketing fails in this aspect. The reach of hacking agencies is wider.

Use of Social media:

They use paid acquisitions such as Google Adwords,facebook and digital ads to draw attention of the customers.

Word of mouth:

They offer incentives and bonuses for sharing links and encourage customers to share a word of mouth.

Content marketing:

They attract customers with their impressive content marketing in online portals.

Target audience marketing:

  • They know their customers well and how to approach them. For example, if the product is a jewelry piece since the customers are mostly women they reach out to fashion portals of women and post the product description there.

Strategic business proposal:

  • They have definite business plans and strategies to evoke the customers to turn towards them and can promise potential business growth.

Detailed research:

  • They conduct a lot of research before launching the product. Right from procuring manpower to getting end user satisfaction all the requirements of a business are taken care.

Competitors analysis:

  • They rank potential competitors and build strategies to withstand their products. They study the detailed histories of other competitors, their struggles and how they found solutions for it. This gives an understanding for the beginner how to act in a complicated situation.

Reachout options:

  • They don’t just stick to few options for their market. They make use of technology and check what other means of channels are available for their product launch and reach..ex:facebook,Instagram etc.

Client interaction:

  • They build a good rapport with their clients for optimum results. Team work with powerful technical and marketing skills help in attaining business’ sustainable growth.

Evaluation of risks:

  • Since startups have lack of experience, they fail to anticipate some kinds of risks. Since agencies are marketing experts they anticipate any unexpected risks and guide the client accordingly.

In short, growth hacking agency are wizkids with strong technical and marketing background.

They are the backbone of modern day successful business organizations.