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Growth Hacking techniques and benefits

By on August 31, 2017

Every company around the world can consider the whole world as a big marketplace where they can sell their brand and products. As technology increases and internet becomes available to more and more people, the world is much more integrated and linked than we have ever known it to be. This makes traditional marketing techniques which have been in place since decades to sound obsolete and illogical. The virtual space these days impact the life of every person using the internet and can have a big say in their choices, likes and dislikes.

Growth Hacking can be describes as the thing of the future. The term Growth Hacking refers to short term techniques used by a company to expand its visibility and attract willing customers to its fold. These growth hackers, originally engineers and developers, devise strategy and vision to promote the product or company using the virtual space and its inhabitants. One other reason why such techniques are popular is because of their low cost of operation and considerably excessive benefits.

Due to such increase in marketing using internet and the virtual world, it is no surprise that every company wants to have its own presence in the social media sphere. There are many growth hacking agencies which do the work for these companies and introduce them to the digital world. Every growth hacking agency employs some standard tactics to make the company or brand more visible and is able to attract new customers on a large basis. Some of these methods are mentioned below

  • Agencies use Search Engine Optimization to make the company’s website feature higher when the user searches for anything related to the company or one of their services. This has been one of the most popular methods and the most viable as most people rely or search results to make certain choices everyday in their lives.
  • Email Marketing is also one technique which is at par with search engine optimization when it comes to results and success. Considering the broad usage of emails and their universal appeal, it is only viable that companies connect with targeted customers through email conversations and making them connected to the brand.
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are also very successful growth hacking platforms. Companies usually have a social page for their brands and ideas and deal in digital campaigns and advertisements to increase visibility and customer base.

Therefore, it will not be wrong to conclude that these growth hacks will become the standard way of promoting businesses and attracting new customers. Thus every company needs to execute their own version of growth hacks immediately to assert themselves in such a competitive marketplace we currently have.