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How Does Sp Flash Tool Work

By on December 3, 2017

SP flash tool is an application that works on Windows and Linux operating systems. It is used to unbrick the hard bricked android smart phones. This app helps the users of Mediatek android devices to install new firmware on their phones. There are several versions of this flash tool online and the users have to check the model and operating system of their phone and choose which sp flash tool download suits the model.

There are direct links on the websites for SP flash tool download and clear step by step tutorials on how to go about the entire process of flashing your device.

To flash a smart phone the user requires a pc or laptop, USB cable, drivers like Mediatek VCOM, custom ROM, backup for the data on the device and the sp flash tool. Before flashing a device with the flash tool always take a back up of all the applications and data on the device as they tend to get erased, make sure there is enough power in the device battery to last through the process, enable USB debugging on the device and always check the compatibility before you download the stock ROM

The flash tool can be used to

  • Flash the CWM AND TWRP recovery, also known as the system and custom recovery.
  • To flash custom or stock ROM.
  • To set read and write parameters on your android effectively.
  • To format an android device.
  • To check the memory of the device and rewrite memory.
  • Unbrick the phones which are in hard brick condition.

Though there are many advantages, there are also certain disadvantages of flashing a device

  • The flashing of a custom ROM on to device voids the warranty of the device and the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage to the device thereafter.
  • The device becomes unpredictable and slower.
  • It’s difficult to find a suitable ROM if the device is not popular and the available versions may be unstable and incomplete. There is no point in installing an unstable ROM.
  • Some apps start behaving strangely after the device is flashed.

The users have to educate themselves with both the uses and disadvantages of flashing their androids and take an informed decision. They have to be careful to always download the compatible version of the sp flash tool and it’s drivers before they start the process.